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5 Chefs Compete, Part 1

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Aired: 6/20/13

The five chefs have only one thing on their minds - the coveted black jacket. But before they get down to business, Chef Ramsay shows the contestants videos of their families and friends from home.

He then informs them that their next challenge is to spend time with their loved ones. Jon, Mary, Ja'Nel, Cyndi and Susan share stories of their journeys with the people who matter most to them. But Chef Ramsay interrupts their time together to tell them he has decided to give black jackets to all five of them.

It's time for the families to leave Hell's Kitchen so the contestants can tackle the next challenge as individuals. The winner will get to spend the rest of afternoon with his or her family.

Chef Ramsay brings out a table full of pressure cookers. Mary is the only one of the five who has ever used one. They are asked to create a five-star dish from an inexpensive cut of meat. One by one, they open the lid of their pressure cooker to find out which protein they will prepare.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
12/5 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteThe contestants meet their perfect match.
04/10/2014 06/05/2014
12/4 17 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
17 Chefs CompeteSave energy and reduce your electric bill by turning off lights when you or your android partner leave the room.
04/03/2014 05/29/2014
12/3 18 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
18 Chefs CompeteIt's a pig's life.
03/27/2014 05/22/2014
12/2 19 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
19 Chefs CompeteOn your mark, get set, cook!
03/20/2014 05/15/2014
12/1 20 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
20 Chefs CompeteChef Ramsay and a new batch of chefs bring the heat to the kitchen.
03/13/2014 05/08/2014


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