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7 Chefs Compete, Pt.2

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Aired: 6/6/13

The final seven chefs have just completed an individual challenge in which they each attempted to impress Chef Ramsay with their outstanding culinary creations. It has come down to Jon's mahi-mahi and Cyndi's halibut. Jon wins and is safe from elimination for one more day.

With another dinner service just hours away, the unified women's team is fired up, but the men's team is not. Zach is very quiet in the kitchen, which worries his fellow players. He takes a time out upstairs, and the Blue Team tries to get by without him. Jon and Anthony are left alone to prep.

Before the dining room opens, Chef Ramsay informs the cook that TV host/actress Maria Menounos will be sitting at the Blue Team's chef's table. Actor Jeremy Sisto will also be dining tonight and will be served by the Red Kitchen.

It's up to Anthony on fish and Jon on appetizers to get their team off to a strong start. The scallops are perfect and a hit with the special guests.

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