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7 Chefs Compete, Pt.1

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Aired: 5/30/13

After another intense elimination, the contestants go back to work the next day focused on the fact that black jackets will be handed out soon. Chef Ramsay calls them to the kitchen and explains that they must rely on their senses to be successful in the kitchen. He asks for two volunteers.

Chef Ramsay chooses Cyndi and Anthony, who must reach into a hole in a box and try to guess what's inside. They both correctly identify the first two items as eggs and polenta. Anthony wins the game for the Blue Team when he realizes that the third bowl is filled with oysters, which Cyndi cannot identify.

Unfortunately for Anthony, this was not a real challenge. With that, Chef Ramsay announces the Eleventh Annual Blind Taste Test. Since the men's team has only three members, Zach will go twice.

With their blindfolds on, Mary and Zach go head-to-head first. Zach takes an early lead by identifying scallions and turkey when Mary cannot. Although neither contestant can recognize papaya, they both earn a point for the zucchini. The Blue Team leads, three to one.

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