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9 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 5/13/13

After the night's elimination ceremony, the contestants settle in for a little sleep. But in the middle of the night, the sous chefs wake them all up by banging on pots and pans and sounding air horns.

The cooks meet Chef Ramsay in the dining room, where he explains that the evening's menus will be designed and executed by the teams. Each team will come up with four appetizers, four entrées and two desserts that are worthy of being served in Hell's Kitchen.

On the one hand, Zach barely contributes to the men's brainstorming at first; on the other, Nedra won't stop talking. She insists on making a "sexy" gumbo. And Zach finally suggests pork, filet and salmon dishes.

Having finalized their menus, both teams go to the kitchen to prep their creations for presentation to Chef Ramsay. After more than five hours of tasting, testing and cooking, the teams plate their dishes for inspection. Gordon tastes the men's dishes first and showers them with compliments.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
12/5 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteThe contestants meet their perfect match.
04/10/2014 06/05/2014
12/4 17 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
17 Chefs CompeteSave energy and reduce your electric bill by turning off lights when you or your android partner leave the room.
04/03/2014 05/29/2014
12/3 18 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
18 Chefs CompeteIt's a pig's life.
03/27/2014 05/22/2014
12/2 19 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
19 Chefs CompeteOn your mark, get set, cook!
03/20/2014 05/15/2014
12/1 20 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
20 Chefs CompeteChef Ramsay and a new batch of chefs bring the heat to the kitchen.
03/13/2014 05/08/2014


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