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Season Finale, Pt. 2

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Aired: 9/10/12

Christina and Justin are the final two cooks remaining in the competition. They will battle it out to become head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

The night before the final dinner is to be prepared, the two contestants meet in the dorms with the returning competitors, who will now serve as their brigades. Justin is having difficulty with Clemenza, whose ego is still bruised from being sent home but promises to do his best for his new head chef.

The next morning, Christina and Justin gather their teams for a final briefing, but Clemenza is missing in action. Justin is still worried about his commitment, although he ultimately reappears. The team leaders take their crews to the kitchen to prepare for the biggest dinner service of their lives.

Before the doors open, Chef Ramsay arrives to taste the menus of the two finalists. But when Clemenza burns the crostini, Justin's Blue Kitchen is delayed. Brian comes to the rescue and helps cover Clemenza's station.

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12/5 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteThe contestants meet their perfect match.
04/10/2014 06/05/2014
12/4 17 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
17 Chefs CompeteSave energy and reduce your electric bill by turning off lights when you or your android partner leave the room.
04/03/2014 05/29/2014
12/3 18 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
18 Chefs CompeteIt's a pig's life.
03/27/2014 05/22/2014
12/2 19 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
19 Chefs CompeteOn your mark, get set, cook!
03/20/2014 05/15/2014
12/1 20 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
20 Chefs CompeteChef Ramsay and a new batch of chefs bring the heat to the kitchen.
03/13/2014 05/08/2014


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