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5 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 8/20/12

The final five meet Chef Ramsay in Hell's Kitchen, where he graciously offers to prepare them some comfort food - chicken parmigiana. The contestants are savvy enough to know they should watch his every move closely, anticipating that they'll be asked to re-create his dish.

And it seems as if they're right. At first Gordon tells them they'll need to prepare an exact duplicate of his dish, but then jokes about that being way too easy. Instead, they'll have to teach someone else how to make the entree.

The new students in "Hell's Kitchen Cooking School" are former Miss Teen U.S.A. winners Kamie Crawford, Stevi Perry, Hilary Cruz, Katie Blair and Allie LaForce. Although Chef Ramsay thanks the newcomers for making the kitchen look glamorous, their teachers worry about their pageant-style high heels.

The Hell's Kitchen contestants cannot touch any of the ingredients and are only allowed to supervise and instruct their partners - a policy that tests their abilities to communicate, lead and teach. The clock is set to 30 minutes.

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