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8 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 7/23/12

After a tumultuous dinner service, the competing chefs enter the dining room and find a giant map of the United States. Chef Ramsay tells them that throughout his travels, he's come to love American food. He announces that the next challenge will be all about Southern cuisine, and the big map is pulled back to reveal a gospel choir.

The chefs are told they must re-create a classic Southern dish. The choir members are holding blue and purple fans. The blue fans each have a Southern entrée written on the back, and the purple fans carry the name of a side dish.

Barbie chooses to go head-to-head with Clemenza. They will prepare catfish and collard greens. Next, Brian and Kimmie select pork chops and grits. Christina and Justin get fried chicken and mac and cheese. Up last are Dana and Robyn, who choose meatloaf with a side of sweet potatoes. The contestants now have 30 minutes to prepare a dish that has Southern flair with fine dining finesse. When time is up, Chef Ramsay introduces the guest judge: Tanya Steel, editor-in-chief of the food website Epicurious.com.

Clemenza and Barbie lead off with their take on catfish and collard greens. Tanya says that Barbie's dish is visually stunning, but Clemenza's catfish is slightly undercooked. Barbie scores a point, and the women take the lead.

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