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11 Chefs Compete, Part 2 of 2

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Aired: 7/3/12

As the action continues from the previous episode, the women have suffered a big casualty. Kimmie has scalded herself with pan grease all the way up her arm. Even though she's in incredible pain, the tearful Kimmie wants to continue, so after a medic patches her up, she returns to the kitchen for the evening's service. The women commend her for her dedication, although Robyn sticks to her opinion that Kimmie is a crybaby.

It's Steak Night and Family Night at Hell's Kitchen, and the special menu features a rib-eye steak with fingerling potatoes and sautéed spinach topped with a fried egg, a grilled hanger steak with truffle fries and herbed compound butter, as well as Justin's challenge-winning filet mignon. There's also a special kids menu for the younger diners, which includes ravioli and a grilled cheeseburger. Each child will also receive a mini pizza appetizer.

As Chef Ramsay calls the first orders, Clemenza dives into pizza-making, a skill he's perfected over the years. He quickly pushes orders out, but the young diners on the Red Side are kept waiting when Tiffany gets to a slow start. Her initial offerings are burnt and are rejected by Chef Ramsay. Barbie then commandeers the pizza station, and her orders are rapidly approved at the pass.

When attention shifts to Brian on appetizers in the Blue Kitchen, he isn't able to keep Clemenza's momentum going. To make matters worse, he's annoying his fellow competitors with his goofy imitations and accents. After rejecting Brian's blinis, Chef Ramsay chastises him to get serious.

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