• Blue Team members JR and Santos work in tandem during dinner service at Hell's Kitchen.


  • The Blue Team forms a huddle ahead of dinner service.


  • The Blue Team looks on as they learn a new technique.

  • Roe and Fernando learn about the importance of interacting with guests of Hell's Kitchen.

  • The pace is fast and furious during dinner service at Hell's Kitchen.


  • Roe provides table side service of steak seasoned with a special coffee rub.


  • Chef Gordon Ramsay has a few choice words for the Red Team.

  • LaTasha makes sure her salmon dishes were just right.


  • Denine goes to work during a hectic dinner service.

  • It was the Red Team that was up for elimination. Who was nominated?

  • Denine shakes Chef Gordon Ramsay's hand after being eliminated.


  • The Blue Team tries to stay on top during the Gooey Duck challenge.

  • Chef Ramsay introduces the next challenge of recreating his Gooey Duck Sashimi.


  • Sade and La Tasha stay focused as they precisely cut into the Gooey Duck.

  • The ladies are excited to win another challenge in Hell's Kitchen.

  • The women enjoy the benefits of winning challenges in Hell's Kitchen.

  • Aaron and Kalen are in charge of the special appetizer, Gooey Duck Chowder.

  • Chef Ramsay yells out orders to the Blue Team during dinner service in Hell's Kitchen.

  • Roe shows her frustrations during a miserable appetizer performance made by the Red Team.

  • Frank loses control of the fish station during dinner service.

  • Sterling fails to give 100% on the meat station.

  • Chef Ramsay kicks the Red Team out of the kitchen after delivering raw salmon.

  • Denine, Janai, Fernando, and Sterling await Chef Ramsay's final decision for elimination.

  • Chef Ramsay says farewell to a disappointed Janai after failing to cook risotto repeatedly.

  • 18 new chefs start their journey through Season 13 of Hell's Kitchen with a private screening.

  • The new chefs realize their private screening is actually their first challenge.

  • JP and Kalen try to successfully work under pressure during their first challenge in Hell's Kitchen.

  • Frank takes charge during his first surprise challenge.

  • The 18 new chefs race through the kitchen to finish the challenge on time.

  • Denine and JR are the first chefs up for review with Chef Ramsay.

  • Katie and Bryant are ready for Chef Ramsay's brutally honest critiquing.

  • Tied with the ladies, the guys wait for a final count, hoping to jump ahead.


  • The ladies are proud to win the first challenge of Season 13 of Hell's Kitchen.

  • The women receive a warm welcome from Wolfgang Puck at their reward dinner.

  • Scott keeps his focus as he has only one hour to create 5 unique dishes.

  • Sous Chef Andi helps Jason through the 1 hour challenge in the Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Quinn Hatfield takes his spot as one of the 5 judges in the Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Chef Ramsay welcomes back the previous contestants of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Gabriel and Melanie work together on Jason's team for the Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Sandra tests Jason's patience during the Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Scott keeps order in his kitchen during an intense Season Finale of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Chef Ramsay guides Scott through one of the most important nights of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Scott and Jason's support teams watch anxiously from the sidelines.

  • Scott smiles proudly as the Season 12 winner of Hell's Kitchen.

  • The two teams celebrate Scott's well deserved victory as the Season 12 winner of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Scott enjoying well deserved time with his family.

  • The 4 remaining contestants await the next surprise from Chef Ramsay.

  • Scott is confident that squash is the key component in Chef Ramsay's mystery dish.

  • Melanie is convinced she will win Chef Ramsay's mystery challenge.

  • Jason and Sous Chef Andi dine at Fig & Olive during Jason's VIP culinary tour.

  • Jason and his family catch up with Michael Voltaggio, the head chef of Ink.

  • Melanie tries to overcome frustrations she encounters as head chef.

  • Rochelle keeps her focus during an evening in Hell's Kitchen.

  • The final 4 await an elimination that will cut the contestants in half.

  • Scott and Jason get ready to head into the final challenge of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Scott and Rochelle are all smiles as Chef Ramsay announces the winner of the Better Homes and Gardens challenge.

  • Chef Ramsay and the food editor of Better Homes and Gardens, Laurie Buckle, announce the winning dish to be featured in the magazine.

  • Scott in action during a very important night in Hell's Kitchen.

  • Melanie struggles to keep it together after messing up her first order of the night.

  • Rochelle, Melanie, and Scott work together to recover the appetizer station after a mild setback.

  • Chef Ramsay tries to keep his kitchen in line during a very dramatic night.

  • The contestants await elimination after one of the most shocking nights in the history of Hell's Kitchen.

  • Chef Ramsay welcomes the remaining contestants to their next challenge, a tailgate.

  • Melanie preparing her one of her favorites, grilled Mahi Mahi.

  • Jason finishes preparing his pork belly sandwiches for the hungry tailgating fans.

  • Kashia gets ready to serve her specialty sandwich to the eager crowd.

  • Scott and Jason rejoice as they find out that they have both tied for first place in the tailgate competition.

  • Chef Ramsay disappointingly points out that Kashia's halibut is undercooked.

  • A frustrated Chef Ramsay inquires about Scott's lengthy risotto.

  • After a rough night in Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsay says farewell to Kashia.

Blue Team members JR and Santos work in tandem during dinner service at Hell's Kitchen.