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Hell's Kitchen Ultimate Cooking Tips


Tip 1: Wendy Liu

Save the bones from store-bought rotisserie chicken for stock. You can make about two quarts of stock from one chicken.

Tip 2: Emily Kutchins

When searing duck breasts, be sure to start in a cold pan so the fat can render slowly.

Tip 3: Jamie Bisioulis

Add chicken base to ground turkey when making turkey burgers or turkey meatloaf. It will add a deeper poultry flavor.

Tip 4: Vanessa Gunnell

When pounding chicken, lay down plastic wrap on the cutting board, lay out the chicken, and cover with plastic wrap. Prevents raw chicken from flying around the kitchen.

Tip 5: Rock Harper

Sick of dry chicken? Brine it and be done with paper-like poultry forever. Brining is an awesome technique that is simple and so rewarding for many cuts of meat, especially those that tend to dry out easily. Trust me, brining will make you a star this holiday season.

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