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Hell's Kitchen Ultimate Cooking Tips


Tip 1: Wendy Liu

Keep masking tape and a permanent marker in the kitchen to label leftovers with a brief description and date (CHX STOCK 10/6). You can also label items, such as spices, with the date they were opened.

Tip 2: Wendy Liu

When heating or re-heating items in the oven, line the sheet tray with loosely crumpled aluminum foil for a crispier bottom. The crumpled foil allows for better air circulation and drains off excess oil or juices.

Tip 3: Gail Novenario

Rinsing chopped red onions in cold water will help ease the sharp taste.

Tip 4: Louis Repucci

Everything in a kitchen can be used, including scraps. Grind the chain of an ahi tuna to make tuna burgers.

Tip 5: Melissa Doney

If you are out of pan spray or oil, put a thin layer of mayo on your fish or chicken to help prevent it from sticking to your grill. This also prevents flare-ups so you get very nice grill marks without excess burning.

Tip 6: Rusty Kook

Clean as you go. Less clean up to do after, and it's more professional if you don't look like a slob.

Tip 7: Sabrina Brimhall

Often times, less is more. Always remember to K.I. S. S. Keep it simple, stupid.

Tip 8: Sabrina Brimhall

Cook from your heart. Imagine every dish you cook is for the one person you love more than anyone. That's what I do. Cook to impress.

Tip 9: Jamie Bisioulis

After touching garlic, rub your hands against stainless steel to get rid of the garlic odor.

Tip 10: Jason Santos

Substitute club soda for milk when making pancake batter. Your pancakes will be lighter and fluffier!

Tip 11: Jason Santos

Adding two drops of yellow food coloring to boiling noodles will make them look more homemade.

Tip 12: Maria Torrisi

Hot pan, cold oil, food will not stick!

Tip 13: Nilka Hendricks

Don't be afraid to try new things. Some great dishes are made by accident!

Tip 14: Scott Hawley

Choose your ingredients wisely. Try and always use fresh, seasonal products. This will ensure your dish has maximum chance of success.

Tip 15: Scott Hawley

Believe in yourself and your work when creating your dish. Don't be afraid to take risks or to be experimental. Some of the greatest dishes were created by accident!

Tip 16: Jim McGloin

Place a wet paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding.

Tip 17: Sabrina Gressett

Always preheat your oven.

Tip 18: Tony D'Alessandro

Always wash your hands after touching raw food!

Tip 19: Colleen Cleek

After cleaning the refrigerator, add a dash of lemon juice or extract to the rinse water for a fresh scent.

Tip 20: Ji Cha

If you want to get rid of the smell of onions or garlic from your hands, soak your hands in vinegar for 10 minutes.

Tip 21: Lacey Dangelo

Always have a side towel handy. This way you can clean up any food that may be thrown at you by an angry chef.

Tip 22: Seth Levine

Take time to prepare what your food looks like, as presentation is half the battle.

Tip 23: Corey Earling

Cook with your senses. Listen to the sound of pan, do you need more heat or less? Smell the sauce, does it need more seasoning? Then you adjust. Be adaptable in the kitchen!

Tip 24: Jennifer Gavin

Use dental floss or thread to slice hard-to-cut items like goat cheese, cookie dough, or cinnamon roll dough.

Tip 25: Jennifer Gavin

Greasy spill on your kitchen floor? Don’t mop it with water right away. Pour kosher salt over the spill to absorb the oil, and just sweep it up!

Tip 26: Brad Miller

Start with great fresh ingredients and the rest is simple.

Tip 27: Julia Williams

Always check expiration dates.

Tip 28: Polly Holladay

When shopping, stick to the perimeter of the store where the bulk of "real food" is found.

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