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Hell's Kitchen Ultimate Cooking Tips


Tip 1: Jillian Flathers

When baking at a high altitude, add more flour to your cookie dough than the recipe calls for and a little bit of water or milk.

Tip 2: Nona Sivley

When frosting a cake, dip the spatula in warm water to smooth the icing.

Tip 3: Ben Knack

Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to pie dough to prevent the dough from turning grey quickly. Also substitute water with vodka for a flakier dough.

Tip 4: Salvatore Coppola

Weather has a lot to do with pizza dough, in both its consistency and flavor. It also affects how the dough rises, which in turn will affect how it cooks. If the temperature is cold outside, be sure to replace some of the recipe's cold water with lukewarm water. By doing this, you will be evening out the dough's temperature. A general rule is 3:1 (3 cold to 1 lukewarm).

Tip 5: Van Hurd

When baking, follow the recipe. When cooking, let yourself be free.

Tip 6: Melissa Firpo

When using corn starch as a thickening agent, always mix it with cold water, never hot water.

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