Hell's Kitchen

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Zach Womack

  • When did you first start getting serious about cooking and why?

    I got serious about cooking when I was about 8 years-old.

  • Why did you want to be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen?

    I love food and people. I love a fight. Why not HELL’S KITCHEN? My wife was pushing me and telling me that I could do it.

  • What was your favorite experience on Hell’s Kitchen?

    My favorite experience on HELL’S KITCHEN was having my dishes on the menu. That was crazy!

  • What is the most valuable lesson you learned from Chef Ramsay?

    Lesson from Chef Ramsay: “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”.

  • What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

    Favorite dish to cook is anything seafood. Fresh everything.