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Tiffany Johnson ELIMINATED

Tiffany Johnson

  • What was your first job in a kitchen?

    A line cook position in an upscale dining establishment.

  • What is the first dish you ever mastered?

    I have always taken my cooking career in a creative style. Besides the classical dishes that are taught in culinary school, I have always cooked to make the same dish better. But I can never truly say I have ever mastered a dish because there is always room for improvement. Although, I do make a mean duck confit.

  • What is your signature dish?

    Lamb Schnitzel with Rosemary-Maple Glaze

  • Any stories of triumph from the kitchen? Disaster?

    Well, of course, there have been triumphs and disasters in the kitchen as far as my career goes, but that's what trial and error is all about.

  • Who was your first cooking inspiration?

    Growing up around a big city, there were many great chefs that had an influence on my style and passion for food. I've gained inspiration through Rick Bayless' Mexican cuisine and studies, Marcus Samuelsson for his fusion, Thomas Keller and The French Laundry for beautifully inspiring cuisine, and all of my chef instructors in college that pushed me to strive to do what I love to do.