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Elise Wims ELIMINATED: 9/19/11

Elise Wims

  • What was your first job in a kitchen?

    Line cook.

  • What is the first dish you ever mastered?

    Pesto-seared scallops.

  • What is your signature dish?

    Pesto-seared scallops with sauteed Swiss chard, roasted cherry tomatoes and exploding garlic in a shallot beurre blanc.

  • Any stories of triumph from the kitchen or workplace? Disaster?

    To be determined.

  • Who was your first cooking inspiration?

    I always loved to cook since I was a little girl. But I'd really have to say that I was inspired by my first Chef, Donato Collucio. I learned a lot from him, and much of the influence in my cooking is inspired by the things that I learned from him.