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Christian Rosati ELIMINATED

Christian Rosati

  • When did you first start getting serious about cooking and why?

    I got serious about cooking when I was in my late teens/early twenties. However, my passion for food began as a kid when I would watch my mother and grandmother cook and bake for our family.

  • Why did you want to be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen?

    I got hooked on HELL’S KITCHEN the first season it was on the air and thought to myself "How hard can this be?” When the opportunity presented itself to audition for the show, I had to jump on it immediately.

  • What was your favorite experience on Hell’s Kitchen?

    My favorite experience on HELL’S KITCHEN was when I was complimented on my signature dish by Chef Ramsay! It validated the reason I was put on this show!

  • What is the most valuable lesson you learned from Chef Ramsay?

    Chef Ramsay taught me to stay cool and not to overthink what I was doing. The most valuable lesson was to stay within myself.

  • What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

    My favorite dish to cook is anything that is made with my homemade gravy because it always reminds me of home.