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Aired Feb 2 2017Episode 16

The top two contestants are surprised by Chef Ramsay with a relaxing trip to the Ken Paves Salon.

Aired Jan 26 2017Episode 15

After two chefs are eliminated, the remaining contestants must create a unique dining experience for a large group of well-known chefs.

Aired Jan 19 2017Episode 14

The remaining chefs must race to hit a buzzer in order to get their ingredients.

Aired Jan 12 2017Episode 13

Chef Ramsay shakes things up and introduces a series of three challenges that will determine the recipients of a black jacket.

Aired Jan 5 2017Episode 12

The remaining chefs must try and combine two countries’ flavors to impress a special guest judge.

Aired Jan 5 2017Episode 11

The chefs pair up for a taste challenge in which the winners receive Vitamix blenders and a special trapeze lesson on the Santa Monica Pier.

Aired Dec 16 2016Episode 10

The chefs tackle sliders for their next challenge.

Aired Dec 9 2016Episode 9

The remaining contestants are submitted to a blind taste test during which each team must determine the taste of pureed baby foods.

Aired Nov 18 2016Episode 8

After the shocking change that was implemented by Chef Ramsay, the chefs must work together to prepare a menu for the International Ballroom Invitational.

Aired Nov 11 2016Episode 7

The remaining contestants are tasked with cooking their own interpretation of a southern staple.

Aired Nov 4 2016Episode 6

The remaining contestants use Gordon's cookbooks to spell out the ingredients they want to use during this week’s Ingredient Crossword Challenge!

Aired Oct 21 2016Episode 5

After a shocking elimination, both teams must regroup and chart a new course.

Aired Oct 14 2016Episode 4

Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to the latest challenge – a Surf & Turf protein relay.

Aired Oct 7 2016Episode 3

The teams break through giant ostrich eggs to obtain ingredients in order to prepare eight unique dishes using a selection of ostrich cuts.

Aired Sep 30 2016Episode 2

The teams go head-to-head during the Crepe Grand Prix challenge, with the contestants racing to present Chef Ramsay with 10 acceptable savory crepes.

Aired Sep 23 2016Episode 1

On the Season 16 premiere of HELL’S KITCHEN, Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the newest crop of hopefuls on the grounds of a U.S. Army training facility.


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