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Aired May 19 2015Episode 13

The contestants pair off in the "Taste It and Make It" challenge, during which they will attempt to replicate one of Chef Ramsay's recipes based on taste alone.

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Aired May 19 2015Episode 12

The remaining seven contestants must sift through piles of keys to find which ones will open lockers holding various cuts of steaks and prepare a premiere dish – all under 35 minutes!

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Aired May 12 2015Episode 11

The teams have undergone a surprising twist and will embark on one of HELL'S KITCHEN's most popular challenges – the blind taste test.

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Aired May 5 2015Episode 10

The Top Eight contestants must present three courses to the discerning palates of the Calabasas High School Homecoming committee, which has requested Mardi Gras-inspired cuisine.

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Aired Apr 28 2015Episode 9

Chef Ramsay presents the remaining contestants with a series of exotic proteins, ranging from alligator to ostrich to wild boar.

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Aired Apr 21 2015Episode 8

The remaining 11 contestants have the opportunity to get creative with food's best pairings: beer, wine and liquor.

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Aired Apr 14 2015Episode 7

The teams square off for Chef Ramsay's first-ever Greek cuisine challenge.

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Aired Apr 7 2015Episode 6

The remaining 13 contestants compete in a special lunch service honoring active and retired firefighters in Los Angeles.

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Aired Mar 31 2015Episode 5

The men pull ahead by grating, shredding and melting their way to a victory in this week's cheesy team challenge.

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Aired Mar 24 2015Episode 4

The Top 15 dish up American comfort classics.

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Aired Mar 17 2015Episode 3

It's a seafood battle as the men and women dive in to their team challenge.

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Aired Mar 10 2015Episode 2

After a difficult opening dinner service, the remaining contestants face their next team challenge.

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Aired Mar 3 2015Episode 1

Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the latest batch of 18 contestants into the kitchen.

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