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Aired Apr 21 2015Episode 8

The remaining 11 contestants have the opportunity to get creative with food's best pairings: beer, wine and liquor.

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Aired Apr 14 2015Episode 7

The teams square off for Chef Ramsay's first-ever Greek cuisine challenge.

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Aired Apr 7 2015Episode 6

The remaining 13 contestants compete in a special lunch service honoring active and retired firefighters in Los Angeles.

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Aired Mar 31 2015Episode 5

The men pull ahead by grating, shredding and melting their way to a victory in this week's cheesy team challenge.

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Aired Mar 24 2015Episode 4

The Top 15 dish up American comfort classics.

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Aired Mar 17 2015Episode 3

It's a seafood battle as the men and women dive in to their team challenge.

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Aired Mar 10 2015Episode 2

After a difficult opening dinner service, the remaining contestants face their next team challenge.

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Aired Mar 3 2015Episode 1

Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes the latest batch of 18 contestants into the kitchen.

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Full Episodes

Season 14

Aired Apr 21 2015
Episode 8
Aired Apr 14 2015
Episode 7
Aired Apr 7 2015
Episode 6
Aired Mar 31 2015
Episode 5
Aired Mar 24 2015
Episode 4
Aired Mar 17 2015
Episode 3
Aired Mar 10 2015
Episode 2
Aired Mar 3 2015
Episode 1