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Take a trip to Quahog and spend some quality time with the Stewie, Brian and the rest of the Griffin! We've got you covered. The latest episodes of FAMILY GUY are here!

Join the writers and producers of FAMILY GUY as they share their most-cherished memories from the show's history. (How did they each pick just one?!)

Star Trek marathon in the garage. #shouldbeworking #homealone #peeinginsawdust

"All I do is sit in the bathroom and play on my phone! Swipe, Wipe. Swipe. Wipe. Wipe. Swipe. Uh oh." - Peter

Decorated Lois for St. Patrick's Day while she was sleeping! #stpatricksday #greeneverything #earlymorningdrinking

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Season 13

Aired Mar 15 2015
Episode 13
Aired Mar 8 2015
Episode 12
Aired Feb 15 2015
Episode 11
Aired Feb 8 2015
Episode 10
Aired Jan 25 2015
Episode 9