Empire Bingo Cards

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Empire Bingo Cards

As we gear up for the Empire Season 3 spring premiere we've created Empire bingo so you can have fun while watching. Invite your crew over, print your bingo card and start playing!

The cards that are first to have five squares correct in a line are winners. Full blackout cards are also winners.

Tweet @EmpireFOX with your winning card!

Here’s how to play:

1.  Click on the GET CARD button below to have a random bingo card generated for you.

2. As you watch Empire Season 3 spring premiere, follow along on your card. When you see one of the moments listed on your card happen on the show, mark it.

For example: if Cookie says “Boo Boo Kitty" and you have “Boo Boo Kitty” on your card, then you can mark that square on your card.

3. The first cards to get five in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) are winners. 

BONUS TIP: Each card is different, so play multiple cards or invite your friends to play along!

Season 3

Aired Apr 26 2017
Episode 14
Aired Apr 12 2017
Episode 13
Aired Apr 5 2017
Episode 12
Aired Mar 29 2017
Episode 11
Aired Mar 22 2017
Episode 10
Aired Dec 14 2016
Episode 9
Aired Dec 7 2016
Episode 8
Aired Nov 30 2016
Episode 7
Aired Nov 16 2016
Episode 6
Aired Nov 9 2016
Episode 5
Aired Oct 12 2016
Episode 4
Aired Oct 5 2016
Episode 3
Aired Sep 28 2016
Episode 2
Aired Sep 21 2016
Episode 1