Linda Belcher is the co-owner of the family restaurant and is the perpetually perky mom in charge. She's always on the lookout for a surprise birthday party or unexpected anniversary present, and her faith in Bob is unwavering. She's prone to bursting into song after a visit to her beloved musical dinner theater, and though she thinks she's an excellent hostess, her blood boils when guests aren't willing to make small talk. Linda is easily convinced by her kids to do all the work on their school projects, but she doesn’t think she’s a pushover. She's very protective of her fragile, artist sister Gayle, whose quirky artwork isn't for everyone, and Linda just can't understand why Bob goes into hiding when her parents, Gloria and Al, come to visit. Her arch nemesis is Colleen Caviello, and one of these days she's going to make a pasta dish that will make Colleen's toes curl!

John Roberts has been wowing audiences with his live performance skills and original character work on television.

Roberts quickly gained attention with his first viral video, "The Christmas Tree," which was nominated for a Broadband Emmy Award. The follow-up, "Jackie & Debra," was honored by The Comedy Smalls, and both videos have generated more than 10 million views online.

In April 2009, Roberts debuted his one-man show, "Jersey Days." He has toured with Margaret Cho on two national tours and has appeared multiple times on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon." In 2010, Roberts shot a pilot for his own show, which was written with Bob Odenkirk and directed by Michael Showalter.

Roberts currently lives in Los Angeles.