Gene is the middle Belcher child, and though he loves wearing his burger mascot costume, he sometimes gets so excited that he forgets to take it off to go to the restroom. He loves his fart machine, megaphone, and tiny keyboards, and he's always willing to provide a flatulent soundtrack to the family's adventures. Gene is into house music and sampling the sound of slapping dead seals. He prefers to eat his meals without a shirt on and loves to chow down on fried chicken in bed. He was thisclose to winning the mascot race an unprecedented third time at Wonder Wharf Stadium, but he lost out when he got elbowed out of the way by another plushie. Whatever you do, do not feed Gene lobster, because he is highly allergic and will break out in a wicked rash on his face.

Eugene Mirman is a comedian, writer and filmmaker, who is known for playing comedian/mobster "Yvgeny Mirminsky" on the cable comedy series "Delocated." On "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," he's "Dr. Eugene Mirman"; on "Home Movies," he was "Eugene," the Russian foreign exchange student; and on the cult cable hit "Flight of the Conchords," he portrayed "Eugene," the landlord. Mirman hates auditioning for things, but likes being cast as "Eugene" in stuff (hopefully, he will play "Eugene," the baby, on "Mad Men" one day).

Mirman also had his own half-hour special on cable, and in 2009 was named Best New York City Comedian by the Village Voice and one of the 10 Best Comedians of the last decade by Paste magazine. He's released three comedy albums (the last two on Sub Pop records) and a parody-ish self-help book from Harper Collins, "Perennial, The Will to Whatevs."

Along with Julie Smith and Caroline Creaghead, Mirman puts on "Pretty Good Friends," an informal (but award-winning!) Sunday-night comedy show in the basement of Brooklyn's Union Hall. The three of them also produce the annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, an event that began as a joke, but has become a bona fide festival which celebrates comedy that Mirman likes, while still satirizing comedy festivals.

Born in Russia, Mirman moved to the U.S. as a child and attended Hampshire College. He currently lives in New York.