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Aired Nov 15 2015Episode 5

When a grumpy mall Santa threatens the kids with the dreaded Naughty List, Gene, Tina and Louise decide to put on a musical performance spectacular to earn their spot on the Nice List.

Aired Nov 8 2015Episode 4

When Gayle is injured, Linda sends Bob off to pick her up, so that she doesn't miss out on Thanksgiving festivities.

Aired Oct 19 2015Episode 3

When Louise reveals that she has never been scared before, the family sets out to visit a spooky haunted house.

Aired Oct 11 2015Episode 2

The upcoming Land Ship parade could mean increased business for Bob, until he learns that several port-o-potties will be placed in front the restaurant.

Aired Sep 27 2015Episode 1

SEASON PREMIERE. It's a trip down memory lane as the Belchers tell different versions of how Bob and Linda met.

Season 6

Aired Nov 15 2015
Episode 5
Aired Nov 8 2015
Episode 4
Aired Oct 19 2015
Episode 3
Aired Oct 11 2015
Episode 2
Aired Sep 27 2015
Episode 1