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Aired Apr 2 2017Episode 16

The annual Easter egg hunt brings out the competitive nature of Bob and Linda, but this time, the game doesn't go as planned.

Aired Mar 26 2017Episode 15

Bob tries to learn from Linda's skills with customer service; the debate team asks Tina to join them.

Aired Mar 26 2017Episode 14

Tina finds out that the aquarium will be shutting down and the Belcher children formulate a plan to keep it running.

Aired Mar 19 2017Episode 13

Tina has an upcoming weekend away at a heroine conference and Linda jumps at the opportunity to join her as a chaperone

Aired Mar 12 2017Episode 12

Gene discovers that the formula to his favorite chocolate has been altered and he starts to work with the head of the company to fix the situation.

Aired Mar 5 2017Episode 11

Louise is put in a sticky situation when she must defend one of her biggest foes at Wagstaff during a mock-trial.

Aired Feb 19 2017Episode 10

When Gayle's cat lands a deal with pet agent Ian Amberson, Bob learns that Linda might have been secretly helping fun the cat's career.

Aired Feb 12 2017Episode 9

Tina, Gene and Louise find themselves wound up in chaos caused by the approaching Valentine's Day.

Aired Jan 8 2017Episode 8

After enrolling in a program that allows her to send a robot version of herself to class, Tina has an unexpected breakthrough with Jimmy Jr.

Aired Nov 27 2016Episode 7

Bob gets involved in an intense gingerbread house building competition.

Aired Nov 20 2016Episode 6

Gene and Louise decide they need to sabotage Mr. Frond’s annual play when it threatens to ruin the half day before Thanksgiving.

Aired Nov 20 2016Episode 5

When Tina lands in detention, Bob and Linda don't have a babysitter for their other kids, forcing them to let Gene and Louise stay at home alone.

Aired Nov 6 2016Episode 4

The Belchers investigate a new meat provider with prices that are too good to be true.

Aired Oct 23 2016Episode 3

Magical mayhem ensues as Tina dabbles in witchcraft. Meanwhile, Bob is on a mission to figure out who is stealing his perfectly crafted pumpkins.

Aired Oct 9 2016Episode 2

Tina attempts to show that she is responsible enough for a cell phone by taking care of Bob’s prized eraser from the restaurant.

Aired Sep 25 2016Episode 1

The youngest Belcher comes down with an epic case of the flu.