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  • Hell's Kitchen  - Hell's Kitchen - In the continuation of a heated elimination, Chef Ramsay asks each team
to pick a team leader for the next dinner service. Each team strategizes
station assignments, as they anxiously prepare for their first VIP guests in
HELL'S KITCHEN. But the meal takes a turn for the worse when one chef
prematurely serves an undercooked dish. Find out which team has to present two
chefs for elimination and which contestant Chef Ramsay chooses to send home
    On Tonight

    Hell's Kitchen

    - The chefs must prepare for their first VIP guests in Hell's Kitchen

  • American Idol - American Idol - One finalist's journey will come to an end as America's vote is revealed
    On Tonight

    American Idol

    - Another finalist is eliminated tonight

  • Surviving Jack - Surviving Jack - It's homecoming night, but Frankie is bummed that his crush, Heather
(guest star Lili Reinhart), is promised to another date and Rachel is
protesting the school's "No Grinding" policy. Meanwhile, with the
kids out of the house, Jack and Joanne (Rachael Harris) are planning a
passionate night to themselves
    On Tonight

    Surviving Jack

    - Frankie and Rachel get ready for homecoming night

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