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  • Hell's Kitchen  - Hell's Kitchen - Pairs from the Red and Blue teams must create a unique pizza dish to
present to Chef Ramsay and VIP guest judge Chef Wolfgang Puck. The judges will
determine which team will go on a relaxing day trip to a luxurious hotel and
which team will stay behind to clean up and prepare for dinner service. Later,
pressure mounts during Family Night dinner service as the contestants must not
only impress the regulars, but Chef Ramsay's family, as well. In a lopsided
dinner service, one team excels while the other team breaks down after running
out of a very crucial ingredient, forcing the losing team to put two of their
own team members up for elimination. Find out which contestant will be sent
home for good
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    Hell's Kitchen

    - The teams must create a unique pizza dish for VIP guest judge Chef Wolfgang Puck

  • American Idol - American Idol - One finalist's journey will come to an end as America's vote is revealed
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    American Idol

    - Another finalist is eliminated tonight

  • Surviving Jack - Surviving Jack - During an evening of inopportune timing, Frankie introduces his new
girlfriend, Heather (guest star Lili Reinhart), to Joanne, who has just gotten
her tubes tied and is still on pain medication. Instead of taking care of
Joanne post-surgery, Jack has his hands full policing Frankie and Rachel.
Meanwhile, George and Mikey try to retrieve a porn video they disguised in a "Casablanca"
VHS case that has been placed into the wrong hands at the Dunlevy house
    On Tonight

    Surviving Jack

    - Frankie introduces his girlfriend to the family at an awkward time

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