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Aired Dec 20 2016Episode 10

The Green Meanie sets its final plan for revenge in motion as Hester makes a bold move to secure her future.

Aired Dec 13 2016Episode 9

Hester calls a Green Meanie summit as the killer(s) put their final kill plan into effect.

Aired Dec 6 2016Episode 8

Zayday and Chamberlain devise a plan to discover the origins of The Green Meanie killer with shocking results!

Aired Nov 29 2016Episode 7

Dr. Holt's hand begins expressing more of a wild and dangerous personality than ever before!

Aired Nov 22 2016Episode 6

After an influx of patents at the C.U.R.E. institute, Dean Munsch and Chanel organize a blood drive to solve the hospital’s severe shortage.

Aired Nov 15 2016Episode 5

The Chanels recruit new patients to do their dirty work.

Aired Oct 18 2016Episode 4

Chanel celebrates a different kind of Chanel-O-Ween and attempts to make contact with the killer’s latest victim from beyond the grave.

Aired Oct 11 2016Episode 3

Dean Munsch, Denise and the Chanels question Hester, as well as the sole survivor of the Halloween massacre.

Aired Sep 27 2016Episode 2

A new patient with a hideous ailment visits the hospital in hope of a cure, but finds a love interest instead.

Aired Sep 20 2016Episode 1

Years after the murderous events at Kappa House, Dean Munsch enlists the services of the disgraced Chanels to join the ranks at a teaching hospital.