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Aired Feb 8 2015Episode 13

Shocking news leads to new hope.

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Aired Feb 7 2015Episode 12

The group copes with the loss of one of their own.

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Aired Jan 31 2015Episode 11

Someone's unexpected return reveals a betrayal, while another "red bander" fights for freedom.

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Aired Dec 3 2014Episode 10

Secrets are revealed and new ones are made.

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Aired Nov 26 2014Episode 9

Love is in the air.

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Aired Nov 19 2014Episode 8

At the behest of Nurse Jackson, a new doctor comes to Ocean Park Hospital.

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Aired Nov 12 2014Episode 7

Kara, Hunter, Jordi and Dash band together in support of Nurse Jackson, whose actions have caught up with her.

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Aired Nov 5 2014Episode 6

Moves are made in the love triangle and an old flame returns.

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Aired Oct 15 2014Episode 5

The truth about Charlie's accident comes out, while Nurse Jackson crosses a line in order to keep her promise to him.

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Aired Oct 8 2014Episode 4

True friendships are revealed.

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Aired Oct 1 2014Episode 3

Jordi gets a blast from the past.

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Aired Sep 24 2014Episode 2

Jordi’s surgery takes an unexpected turn, which sends Leo into a tailspin.

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Aired Sep 17 2014Episode 1

The series premiere of RED BAND SOCIETY, which follows a group of unlikely friends and the adults who mentor them in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital.

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Aired Feb 8 2015
Episode 13
Aired Feb 7 2015
Episode 12
Aired Jan 31 2015
Episode 11
Aired Dec 3 2014
Episode 10
Aired Nov 26 2014
Episode 9
Aired Nov 19 2014
Episode 8
Aired Nov 12 2014
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Aired Nov 5 2014
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Aired Oct 8 2014
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Aired Oct 1 2014
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Aired Sep 24 2014
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Aired Sep 17 2014
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