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Amy's Baking Company

Aired: 5/10/13

This week Chef Ramsay travels to Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2006 Samy Bouzaglo invested over $1 million in the restaurant so that his wife Amy could explore her passion for the culinary arts.

But it has been a difficult road. Amy insists that local bloggers have lied and said her food was disgusting, resulting in a loss of business. In defense of his wife, if a customer complains, Samy tells them to leave the restaurant and not come back. In the meantime, Amy goes by the motto, "The customer is not always right."

The day before Chef Ramsay arrives, Amy and Samy prepare for his visit by going on a cleaning spree. And yet there are other problems at the restaurant. Miranda, the only server on staff, isn't allowed to input orders, pour wine or handle money. The only one who can do those tasks is Samy.

With Amy only cooking one ticket at a time, the diners are in for a long delay before they get their food. As a result, a dissatisfied customer complains about how long he continues to wait for the pizza he ordered. He and his friend finally try to leave without paying for drinks, but Amy threatens to call the police and Samy tries to physically block them from exiting.

When Chef Ramsay arrives the next day, he has very little knowledge of the previous night's problems. He says the restaurant looks beautiful and raves about the appearance of Amy's pastries. On a tour of the kitchen he is impressed to find a clean floor and a walk-in that looks like a "doctor's surgery."

During a debriefing from the husband and wife, Gordon enjoys a delicious slice of Amy's cake. But he's caught off guard when the proprietors confess that they've gone through "a few hundred" employees and blame all of their problems on Internet bullies.

After waiting over an hour, Gordon finally samples one of Amy's dishes - an undercooked pizza. He is equally disappointed when he tastes the overcomplicated blue-ribbon burger, the "confused" red pepper ravioli and the dry salmon burger.

But Samy is afraid to give his wife the feedback. At dinner service that night, Amy makes excuses in reaction to all of Chef Ramsay's comments.

Appalled that Amy is serving frozen ravioli, Gordon goes into the dining room and announces to the patrons that the owners are trying to pull the wool over their eyes. The diners agree that the store-bought items should come off the menu.

When Chef Ramsay and Samy get in an argument over the fact that the owner keeps the tips rather than giving them to the server, Amy shuts down the kitchen. To add to the dysfunctional atmosphere, Amy fires a server for asking a simple question.

After one of the most difficult days he's ever had on "Kitchen Nightmares," Chef Ramsay arrives the next morning with a plan. But an argument erupts over the quality of the food and Amy's inability to listen to feedback. As if to prove his point, the head chef threatens to leave.

Believing that Amy is too far gone, Gordon tells the husband and wife that he can't help people who can't help themselves and take criticism. Since they aren't willing to change, he wishes them luck and leaves the restaurant.

With almost 100 Kitchen Nightmares episodes under his belt, Chef Ramsay has finally met two owners that he simply cannot help, despite his best efforts. For the first time in the history of the show, he just has to walk away.

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