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Prohibition Grille

Aired: 4/26/13

Chef Ramsay heads to the Prohibition Grille in Everett, Washington, a Southern steak house opened in 2008 by professional belly dancer Rishi Brown, who had absolutely no restaurant experience before opening the doors. Instead of learning the business, she hired 30-year veteran Chef Rocky to run the kitchen, but his laziness has led to issues with the quality of the food and complaints from the customers. However, Rishi completely trusts Rocky and is unaware of the problems going on.

When Chef Ramsay arrives, he is dumbfounded to discover that Rishi is more concerned with belly dancing than with running a restaurant. She tells him she made the decision to switch careers over a cocktail one afternoon and that her only experience was six months as a waitress in college.

Chef Ramsay sits down to sample the menu. A clueless Rishi rates Rocky's food a ten out of ten but is in for a surprise after her guest tastes his dishes. He says the soup is gnarly, the oysters are bland, the salmon is disgusting and the filet tastes like it's been boiled. He gives the food zero out of ten.

While talking to Rishi, Chef Ramsay begins to comprehend her lack of restaurant knowledge. He is baffled to learn that she doesn't realize that "soup of the day" means that they should be serving a new soup every day and that "fresh" doesn't just mean not frozen. Despite the fact that Rishi is losing $100,000 a year, she refuses to admit that the reason for this is bad food.

At that night's dinner service, Chef Ramsay is surprised by Rishi's impromptu belly dance for her customers. He locks himself in the freezer to avoid the embarrassment of what he called a "belly flop." The customers are also confused.

After the performance, patrons begin sending dishes back to the kitchen at a rapid pace. Chef Ramsay's inspection reveals sour gravy as well as cooked and uncooked meat sharing the same shelves in the walk-in. When he finds four-day-old bread pudding, he tells the customers to stop eating the potentially contaminated food and shuts down the restaurant.

Rishi continues to make excuses for Rocky and still thinks he has the skills to run the kitchen. Chef Ramsay questions why she would allow Rocky to hold her business hostage. He implores her to step up and get a grip.

The next day, Chef Ramsay looks for an explanation at a staff meeting. The other workers reveal that the problem with Rocky has been ongoing and that customers consistently send dishes back, while Rocky ignores the issues. Chef Ramsay is also bewildered when he learns that Rocky takes 3% of the wait staff's tips. Rishi feels Rocky is irreplaceable, while the other employees completely disagree.

Finally Rishi breaks down and admits she is terrified of change. Gordon promises to find her a new chef but begs her to take responsibility. When Rocky arrives for work that day, Rishi lets him go. He admits he's gotten complacent and understands her decision.

Rishi now feels empowered. Chef Ramsay then takes her and the staff into the kitchen for a cooking lesson so she feels comfortable in the environment.

Later that night, Chef Ramsay and his team transform Prohibition from a Southern-style grille into a gastropub with a new modern décor. He also introduces Rishi to her replacement chef, who will execute her new menu. Opening night guests include influential bloggers who will help spread the word about the newly improved Prohibition.

In the weeks that follow, the only gastropub in northern Washington becomes a big hit.

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