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Gordon Returns

Gordon Returns

Aired: 9/4/08

Chef Gordon Ramsay revisits restaurants from Season 1 to see how they are doing: Campania in Fair Lawn, NJ, Finn McCool's in West Hampton, NY, Dillon's in New York City, The Olde Stone Mill in Tuckahoe, NY and The Mixing Bowl restaurant in Bellmore, NY.

Finn McCool's in West Hampton: They seem to have turned the restaurant around, and Gordon likes the food.

The Olde Stone Mill in Tuckahoe, NY: They are doing better, with more customers and even a good write-up in the NY Times. Owners Dean and Barbara are doing better as well.

The Mixing Bowl Eatery: Made Top 20 in Long Island in 2007, and overall doing better. Got rid of the crazy signs and coupons. Billy and lisa are doing better and are happy that they did not give up. Gordon gave his seal of approval.

Dillon's (now Purnima) in New York City Doing much better after the complete makeover. They are making 18 to 20k per week now.

Campania in Fair Lawn, NJ,: Customers have more than doubled. The Mayor presented owner Joe with an award and a "Camania Ristorante Day"

Peters: Still in business and doing better, but did not get a visit from Gordon.

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