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Aired: 9/19/07

In Babylon on New York's Long Island, Peter's is a family-run Italian restaurant that is in trouble. It used to be one of the top establishments in the neighborhood, but now the business is losing money. Tina is the owner, but her brother Peter gets all the glory as the manager on the floor. Chef Gordon Ramsay comes to meet the family and staff. He sits down for lunch and is appalled not only by the bad food but by the loud fighting.

Gordon inspects the kitchen. He finds mold, stale food and a leaky freezer. Peter blames the cooking staff, and Gordon accuses him of acting like "a f***ing baby." Head chef Robert and sous chef John start cleaning, which allows Gordon to focus on the night's dinner service. Robert complains to Gordon about the poor equipment he is forced to use. Most things don't work. Peter spends money on himself and not on his business.

In the dining room, Gordon notices that Peter is giving away free food and wine to numerous tables. This is more profit going out the window. A bill collector makes an unexpected visit into the kitchen, and Peter makes a show of throwing the guy out of the restaurant in front of the customers. They continue arguing on the street as the patrons and staff watch in horror.

Gordon sits down for a private chat with Tina, and she admits that Peter takes money from the till when she can't break even. The next day, Gordon tries an experiment. He has Peter and his father run the kitchen while Tina and her mother oversee the dining room. The staff laughs. Gordon packs the dining room. As the tickets come in, Peter panics and can't function with the improperly working stoves. Tina and Gordon continue to call out orders. An hour into lunch and nothing has been served. Peter demands someone bring him drinks, and Gordon tells him off. Then Gordon dismisses Peter from the building as the rest of the staff takes over service.

On day four of Gordon's visit, he shows off the new kitchen equipment that he had installed overnight. He has invested in new plates, a full stove and a proper refrigerator. Tina weeps. Gordon introduces them to a new menu he has designed with fresh, "family style" dishes. Even Peter can't help hugging him.

That afternoon, Gordon gathers the staff before the re-launch. They are interrupted by another bill collector, whom Peter punches. It takes all the chefs to restrain him. After the bill collector leaves, Peter cannot control his rage. Gordon takes him outside to try to cool him off. Yet time is running out for the night's re-launch. Gordon corrals everyone again with a pep talk.

As the restaurant fills for dinner, the chefs don't know how to handle the new dishes. A table for fourteen arrives, which proves to be the real test. Waiter Angelo notices that Peter cannot handle the stress. The customers become restless because they haven't been served. Instead of recognizing his own faults, Peter takes it out on the staff. Yet the patrons walk out satisfied and happy.

After the restaurant closes, Gordon chides Peter for eating instead of working. "I don't think you've seen a days work in twenty years!" he says, pointing out Peter as the problem with the restaurant's misfortune. Gordon suggests that the place will run better without its namesake. He asks Peter to think hard about what he is doing. "I love him!" Tina exclaims about Gordon. Peter realizes that Gordon said what everyone has been thinking, and he vows to do his part.

The next morning, Gordon arrives to find Peter on the phone trying to fix the refrigerator. Robert and John have a renewed attitude, and the customers seem to love the new menu. The family has made more money than they have in a while. To kick off the new theme of the restaurant in the community, Peter's has set up a "family day" in the town with food. The family has also brought in a priest to bless the establishment.

Weeks later, Peter makes an effort to be a team player. Tina feels fortunate for what Gordon did for them. Gordon thanks everyone for their commitment. "I really fell in love with him," Peter admits. "He brought our family closer together."

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