• The residents of Easton share their less-than-savory dining experiences with the staff of Bella Luna.

  • Chef Ramsay's team worked over night to remove the "Christmas In July" decor and give Bella Luna an updated look.

  • The staff of Bella Luna love the new, simplified menu.

  • Mid-way into their relaunch, the kitchen starts falling behind and losing track of tickets.

  • After Chef Ramsay's visit, Bella Luna has become a success.

  • The owners of Zayna Flaming Grill, a niece and aunt, are more focused on each other's faults than running a business.

  • After discovering all of their frozen food, Chef Ramsay wants to demonstrate the taste difference between fresh and frozen food.

  • Chef Ramsay teaches proper plating and garnish practices.

  • The staff of Zayna's heads to the Redondo Beach Pier to generate awareness of their relaunch.

  • The owners of Zayna sample the fresh cuisine after seeing the fresh new look of their restaurant.

  • Chef Ramsay looks to Brenda to keep things moving when Faye shuts down.

  • The noticeably happier staff of Zayna celebrate their successful relaunch!

  • Julia, the very vocal owner of Mangia Mangia, doesn't think that she is any part of the problem.

  • Julie purchased a building that had been a fast food restaurant and turned it into an Italian eatery, but kept the drive through window.

  • Chef Ramsay learns that the kitchen staff is very inexperienced and all of the food is store-bought and frozen.

  • Chef Ramsay wants Julie to experience the importance of fresh ingredients.

  • Chef Ramsay, with the help of Chef Don, holds a pasta eating competition to help get the word out about the relaunch of Mangia Mangia.

  • Thanks to Chef Ramsay's design team, the dining room no longer looks like an old fast food restaurant.

  • The staff reviews the new menu full of fresh, non-microwaved, food.

  • After a rough start, the staff of Mangia Mangia pulled off an incredible relaunch.

  • Owners Manny and Christina are on the verge of divorce after constantly arguing about their failing restaurant, Kati Allo.

  • Chef Ramsay is concerned about what is happening upstairs, but is equally concerned with how food is being stored in the basement.

  • Kati Allo is given a fresh, clean, Greek feel.

  • Chef Ramsay introduces the staff of Kati Allo to their new menu.

  • Thanks to Chef Ramsay, Manny is feeling reenergeized and is ready for a fresh start.

  • The owners of The Old Neighborhood, Randy and Alexa, have completely lost their way and have fallen into debt.

  • Chef Ramsay cleans Randy's hoard out of the restaurant.

  • The kitchen of The Old Neighborhood receives new equipment for the first time in 33 years.

  • With all new paint and upholstery, the bad smell is gone!

  • After uncluttering the restaurant, Chef Ramsay unclutters the menu.

  • Alexa is ready to reclaim the pride she once had in cooking at her restaurant.

  • If Pete and Paulette can't turn their business around, Pantaleone's will most likely have to close within a year.

  • Pete's wife and son are ready to leave the business if he continues to refuse change.

  • Chef Ramsay is taking Pete and Josh to Vegas for a very special dinner at Rao's.

  • Pete is astonished by the new contemporary look of Pantaleone's.

  • The menu, and portion sizes, have been dramatically reduced.

  • Chef Ramsay also gives the family a new delivery van to help expand their business!

  • After a rocky start during their reopening, things in the kitchen begin to run smoothly.

  • Chef Ramsay heads to Nashville, TN and is immediately forced to deal with a sour note. The owner of Chappy's, a soul food restaurant, blames the citizens of Nashville for their business struggles.


  • Chappy is resistant to feedback. Even his wife, Starr, feels that he needs to adapt to change.


  • Chef Ramsay is worried when he sees fish and beef being cooked in the same pan. He also has grave concerns about the cleanliness of the kitchen.


  • Chef Ramsay heads to the street of Nashville to get truthful feedback from former Chappy's customers.


  • Chef Ramsay's team gave Chappy's a modern look, with decor that includes lumber from a local barn and photos of architectural details found around New Orleans.


  • The makeover also extends to the new menu, reducing it from 100 dishes to just 22.


  • Chef Ramsay goes over the new menu times with Chappy and Starr.


  • Chappy struggles with the new menu as customers in the dining room grow impatient.


  • After relaunch night, Chef Ramsay tells Chappy that a qualified chef needs to be hired for their kitchen. Also, Starr must promise to never let Chappy go back to his old ways.


The residents of Easton share their less-than-savory dining experiences with the staff of Bella Luna.