DIY Cedar Bath Mat

DIY Cedar Bath Mat

Home Free has teamed up with our friends at The Merrythought for this very fun DIY project. Enjoy!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference - like this DIY Cedar Bath Mat! This simple & modern bath mat brings a spa-like feel to your bathroom and is an easy enough project to tackle over a weekend! Cedar is an affordable water-resistant wood, that’s also soft, so it’s great for stepping on; and making your own allows you to customize the size to fit your bathroom.  This stylish bath mat is one you won’t be embarrassed to have your guests see! -The Merrythought

Materials Needed:
 - cedar Board - 1x6x10
 - circular Saw
 - table Saw
 - measuring tape
 - pencil
 - sand paper
 - wood glue
 - nail gun (or hammer & nails)
 - teak oil (or another kind of water resistant finish)
 - paint brush & rag


Cut board into 30" pieces using circular saw. Cut three of the 30" pieces to width (for slats), 1.75" on the table saw.

Cut the three support pieces from the renaming wood - ours are 1.75" wide, 3/8" thick and 18" long.

Sand all the pieces.

Arrange wooden slats as you'd like your mat to look, with the bottom side of the wood slats facing up. We spaced our slats 3/8" apart. (To make spacing easier, make 3/8" spacers out of scrap wood).

Place a dab of wood glue on each slat, one inch from the edge.

Place a support piece over the glue and nail down, keeping the ends of the slats even.

Repeat on the other end and with the center support piece.

Let the glue dry. Once glue is dry, apply finish, following manufacturer’s instructions.


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