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Aliens in a Spaceship

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Air Date 11/15/06

Brennan awakes in a car not realizing where she is. When she tries to exit she realizes that the car had been buried underground. She turns to find Hodgins in the back seat with broken legs. She realizes that they've been caught by the Grave Digger.

FLASHBACK 48 hours and Brennan and Booth arrive to a crime scene in the woods where a sheriff claims local kids found a flying saucer with aliens onboard. When Brennan gets a look she discerns that they are two young boys and the "flying saucer" is a beer vat sealed shut. Judging by their decomposition, she knows they've been dead for years.

At the lab with both bodies out for examination, Zack explains that one of the bodies has multiple broken bones while the other body has none. Also with the amount of blood found in the vat, he thinks that the boy with the injuries bled to death, while the other boy would have later suffocated. He also adds that they were twins. Booth enters with a photo of the boys, Matthew and Ryan Kent. They were abducted in 2001.

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