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Aired Jun 9 2016Episode 10

The contestants only have two options: to persevere and win up to one million dollars or give up, “ring out” and go home.

Aired Jun 9 2016Episode 9

WWE Superstar John Cena™ informs the teams that they will complete four grueling obstacles, collecting a tire at the end of each completed course.

Aired Jun 2 2016Episode 8

The winner of the next challenge gets a visit from a family member in what proves to be a very special and surprise reunion.

Aired May 26 2016Episode 7

The remaining contestants learn that they will need to be mentally and physically prepared to dive right into their next mission at any point.

Aired May 19 2016Episode 6

The competitors' strategic skills and teamwork are put to the test as they are challenged to cross a 60-yard field without their feet touching the ground.

Aired May 12 2016Episode 5

It's the ultimate test of survival skills as the contestants are challenged to build shelter, purify water and build a fire.

Aired May 5 2016Episode 4

The competitors are challenged to memorize and recreate specific sets of symbols in order to test their observation and communication skills.

Aired Apr 28 2016Episode 3

WWE Superstar John Cena and the cadre challenge the competitors to break down and set up camp.

Aired Apr 21 2016Episode 2

WWE® Superstar John Cena™ and "the cadre" reveal the next challenge, and the losing teams must send one team member to compete in "The Circus."

Aired Apr 14 2016Episode 1

WWE Superstar John Cena and an elite group of mentors push 16 contestants beyond their limits for prize money worth up to a million dollars.