About You the Jury

You the Jury was an unscripted series that gave the biggest jury pool in history – America – the power to decide the outcome of some of the most explosive, real-life, ripped-from-the-headline civil cases. With FOX News’s Jeanine Pirro hosting, six top attorneys who’ve represented some of the nation’s biggest celebrities argued their cases each week for America’s vote. The series aired for one season on FOX in 2017. 

Each week, the show’s prosecution and defense – including attorneys Jose Baez, who defended Casey Anthony; Benjamin Crump, who has fought for justice for Trayvon Martin; and Joseph Tacopina, who has represented some of the biggest stars in America; as well as Areva Martin, Mike Cavalluzzi and Charla Aldous – questioned and cross-examined the litigants and expert witnesses, as they presented their arguments to America and former judge of the Superior Court of California LaDoris Cordell.

The cases addressed hot-button issues that defined America in 2017. Whether it was online trolling and the limits of free speech; the constitutional clash of gay rights with religious freedom; or whether someone’s death was the result of a tragic accident or something far more sinister, You the Jury investigated the law and the intense human stories behind it. In a dramatic twist, the closing arguments were presented by the plaintiff and the defendant as they sat across from one another.

Once the cases were presented, it was up to America to decide who would prevail. Viewers would have the opportunity to vote for approximately five minutes, via text and the FOX Now app, after the case was presented. At the end of the East/Central time zone broadcast, “America’s Verdict” was revealed. The vote on the verdict was 100% live and binding and reflected the decision made by the biggest jury in history – the American public. However, when the West Coast voted, if the cumulative votes (East/Central and West Coast/Mountain Time Zone combined) led to a different verdict, the original verdict would be overturned as the final outcome of the case.