Amy May Or May Not Have Worn A Diaper During A Big Test

Terry talks to Amy about not passing his lieutenant exam.... More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Clips

Terry talks to Amy about not passing his lieutenant exam.
Best Of Rosa: Season Two
Check out some of Rosa's best zingers from Season Two of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE.
Captain Holt is not happy when he finds out Jake has taken his husband undercover.
Terry & Amy feel helpless going through the shredded papers until Hitchcock and Scully come to the rescue.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes (12)

S5 E1 The Big House Pt.1
While Jake and Rosa get used to their lives behind bars, Jake is forced to join a prison gang for protection.
S5 E2 The Big House Pt.2
When Jake is asked by the warden to investigate Romero's drug smuggling operation, he is torn between his loyalty to Romero and the warden.
S5 E3 Kicks
Desperately hoping to solve an actual case, Jake discovers a loophole to let him temporarily get out of his desk duty.
S5 E4 HalloVeen
When the fifth annual Nine-Nine Halloween Heist begins, everybody scrambles to make a plan to come out on top of the competition.