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S1 E9 Radioactive Ex

Torn between Edie’s Christmas and Zorn’s Grafelnik – the Zephyrian holiday of revenge – Alan plays his parents off each other to get better presents.... More

Son of Zorn Episodes (12)

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S1 E13 All Hail Son of Zorn
Seeing an opportunity to get Linda’s old job back, Zorn increases Sanitation Solutions’ business by tapping into the Zephyrian market.
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S1 E12 Quest for Craig
Craig decides to run away to gain perspective on his relationship with Edie, leading to a road trip to bring him back.
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S1 E11 The Battle of Self-Acceptance
Craig is worried he’s not man enough for Edie and asks Zorn to help him become a warrior.
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S1 E10 Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend
Alan struggles to figure out his relationship status with Layla, while Zorn rekindles with his ex, Radiana, who is literally radioactive.

Son of Zorn Clips

Zorn's Phone Call Interrupts Edie's Wedding
Zorn gets a distressing phone call during Edie's wedding.
Zorn Has A Garage Sale
Zorn decides to commit to Orange County and get rid of all his warrior memorabilia.
Zorn Tracks Down Craig's Scent
Zorn finds Craig's scent but not Craig and things get weird.
Zorn Suggests That They Go Find Craig
Zorn, Linda, and Edie decide to go find Craig.