Homer and the guys try helping Moe cheer up by getting their old bowling team back together again, but they soon face a team of arrogant millionaires.... More

The Simpsons Episodes (10)

S29 E11 Frink Gets Testy
When Mr. Burns begins to worry that the world is coming to an end, he starts testing all of the residents of to figure out who would be worth saving.
S29 E10 Haw-Haw Land
While the Simpson family attends a STEM conference, Lisa becomes attracted to a pianist and Bart learns about his natural talent for chemistry.
S29 E9 Gone Boy
When Bart suddenly disappears, the town organizes a search party in the hopes of finding him.
S29 E8 Mr. Lisa's Opus
In the future, Lisa works on writing her Harvard college application essay by reflecting on how certain disappointing birthdays made her who she is.

The Simpsons Clips

Lisa Watches Ralph
Lisa is concerned about Ralph.
Homer Sleeps On The Job
Homer's crew speculate on what they could be building.
Nelson and his crew raid the ice cream store while Lisa is there.
Lisa has a dream that she was married to Nelson and they had a baby together.