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Gordon Ramsay Compliments Brandi from "Hot Potato"

Brandi impresses Gordon with her perfect french fries.... More

MasterChef Clips

Catch the two-hour MASTERCHEF Finale, WED at 8/7c on FOX!
Chef Sánchez checks in and Yachecia creates the gazpacho dish of her dreams.
The final four home-cooks will face off in three stations for the chance to become the next MASTERCHEF.
The judges monitor each contestant as they try to whip up a masterpiece and touch on each of their strengths and weaknesses.

MasterChef Episodes (20)

S7 E20 MasterChef Celebrity Showdown
Celebrities are invited into the MASTERCHEF kitchen to battle it out against each other for charity.
S8 E1 Battle for a White Apron, Pt.
Forty new home cooks go on a journey to Los Angeles in the hopes of competing in the White Apron challenge.
S8 E2 Battle for a White Apron, Pt.
The remaining competing home cooks vie for the chance to earn one of only nine aprons available to progress onto the Top 20 by impressing the judges.
S8 E3 America's Grocery
Top 20 will have to take 12 of the most popular ingredients found on any American home cook’s shopping list and make the judges a MASTERCHEF-worthy dish.