S4 E11 Second Chance Chihuahuas

A couple in California is committed to finding forever homes for rescued Chihuahuas.... More

BarkFest Episodes (19)

S4 E20 Cesar 911: Who's The Boss
Cesar Millan is called to work with some of the most out-of-control dogs from Cesar 911.
S4 E19 Cesar 911: The Biggest and Baddest
Weak leadership triggers some of Cesar 911's largest dogs' protective instincts to go into overdrive, so Cesar Millan is called to help these giants.
S4 E18 Cesar 911: Tiny Terrors
Three small dogs prove that size doesn't matter when it comes to aggression. Cesar Millan is called to help some of Cesar 911's tiniest terrors.
S4 E17 A Dog Saved My Life
Man's best friend comes to the rescue in survival stories where dogs turn into heroes.

BarkFest Clips

Barkfest "First Look"
Nat Geo WILD’s annual BarkFest weekend is a celebration of our fur-ever friends. Sometimes it’s adorable, sometimes a tearjerker, always warm and fuzzy.