S1 E5 Einstein: Chapter Five

Einstein begins to experience the academic life he coveted, but he falters in his familial responsibilities. He is reintroduced to his cousin Elsa.... More

Genius Episodes (9)

S1 E1 Einstein: Chapter One
The life of the 20th century's most brilliant icon, Albert Einstein (Geoffrey Rush & Johnny Flynn), was full of passionate, volatile relationships.
S1 E2 Einstein: Chapter Two
After butting heads with her in class, Einstein falls in love with the determined Mileva.
S1 E3 Einstein: Chapter Three
Einstein struggles to support his pregnant wife and land an academic post in a rigid world of tradition and protocol.
S1 E4 Einstein: Chapter Four
Albert Einstein (Johnny Flynn) and Mileva (Samantha Colley) juggle raising a kid with his attempts to catch the eye of the scientific establishment.