Jamie Foxx hosts Massachusetts police, Nashville teachers, and a New York Aunt and her niece competing for One Million Dollars.... More

Beat Shazam Episodes (13)

S1 E14 Episode Fourteen
A mother-son team from Los Angeles, Maryland music teachers and cafeteria workers from Massachusetts compete.
S1 E13 Episode Thirteen
Twin brothers from the city of Chicago, best friends from Chattanooga, Tenn., and a mother-daughter team from San Antonio compete for the grand prize!
S1 E12 Episode Twelve
Jamie Foxx hosts a team of wedding DJs from Philadelphia, cousins from Los Angeles, and New York teachers competing for One Million Dollars.
S1 E11 Episode Eleven
Jamie Foxx hosts Texas cowboys, childhood friends from Phoenix, and a mother-daughter team from New York competing for One Million Dollars.

Beat Shazam Clips

After both teams choose the right song, Jamie tries to tell a joke, and it takes an unexpected turn.
Tim & Tom rock it out and save themselves from being sent home.
Jamie Foxx lets the contestants tell him how they met and why they like music.
Jamie Foxx quotes Jay-Z and cracks jokes with the contestants.