S3 E3 Courteney Cox

Dropped along the wind swept coastline of Ireland, television icon Courteney Cox and Bear must navigate jagged peaks and descend sheer cliffs.... More

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Episodes (6)

S2 E1 Kate Hudson
Bear takes Kate Hudson on an adventure she will not soon forget. Their 48 hour journey finds them in the midst of the Dolomites in Italy.
S2 E2 Jessie Tyler Ferguson
High above the Italian Alps, Emmy-nominated actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins Bear Grylls for a 48-hour adventure of a lifetime.
S2 E5 Michelle Rodriguez
Bear takes Hollywood bad girl Michelle Rodriguez to the Red Deserts of Nevada, for a rigorous and scenic adventure.
S2 E9 President Barack Obama
Bear takes President Barack Obama on an adventure in the Alaskan wilderness. They traverse a dense forest and walk across a glacial outwash.