The contestants are challenged to use exotic meats eaten by early humans, such as boar, venison and elk, to prepare a dish with five other ingredients.... More

Hell's Kitchen Episodes (15)

S17 E1 All-Stars Arrive
Sixteen All-Stars come back for a second chance to prove they have the skills to earn the head chef position at one of Gordon's Las Vegas restaurants.
S17 E2 Raising the Bar
The chefs have 40 minutes to participate in the first individual challenge before preparing for a dinner service for celebrity guests.
S17 E3 Tower of Terror
The remaining chefs are divided into teams of two and must construct a four-tiered tower made with shellfish.
S17 E4 Just Letter Cook
The remaining chefs must prepare a dish featuring their chosen protein and ingredient chosen by a certain game of chance they play beforehand.

Hell's Kitchen Clips

The Winner Is Revealed
The winner of Season 17 is revealed.
The Contestants Get Pampered
The contestants get pampered before their next challenge.
Gordon Ramsay and the final contestants attend an award ceremony.
Michelle Impresses Gordon Ramsay
Michelle impresses Gordon Ramsay with each dish she prepared.