Dr. Oakley's expertise is needed to treat a disgruntled mother pig and her neglected piglet, and a calf banding sends the team on a wild cow chase.... More

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet Episodes (10)

S5 E1 Alaska Calling
With new seasons come new animal issues, so Dr. Oakley travels to Alaska to tend to animals in need—dogs, bears, moose, reindeer, and a wolverine to boot!
S5 E2 The Boar Ultimatum
Dr. Oakley goes airborne to track down a wild boar who has contributed to major overpopulation. A caribou transport becomes a powder keg at risk of going cari-boom.
S5 E3 Wild Wild Wolverine
Dr. Oakley traps a snarling wolverine to learn more about her ferocious species, but this girl is all bite.
S5 E4 Bear Trapped
Dr. Oakley awaits the arrival of a hungry black bear while perched in the trees. A newborn reindeer has a life-threatening injury.