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S1 E12 The Wolf

Mickey believes that Chip is being scammed by a girl he met on the internet and teaches him about being a "wolf" and being a "sheep."... More

The Mick Episodes (16)

S1 E17 The Intruder
Panic spreads throughout those in the Pemberton mansion when the children stumble upon a pair of intruders as they attempt to break in.
S1 E16 The Implant
Sabrina tells Mickey she wants to enhance her figure, but Mickey tries to convince her that it is a bad idea by doing a public test-run.
S1 E15 The Sleepover
When a popular child from Chip's class comes over to the house for a sleepover, Mickey's lackluster parenting skills become even worse.
S1 E14 The Heater
Mickey and Alba begin to lose themselves as they spend too much time gambling.

The Mick Clips

Ben Brings Jimmy To His Knees
Jimmy and Mickey bet the kids that they can't knock Jimmy out.
Chip Shoots His Father
Chip shoots a burglar and it turns out to be his dad.
Mickey Shoots Jimmy In The Ass
Mickey shoots Jimmy in the ass to protect the kids' parents.
Sabrina Tries Out Her Future Boobs
Sabrina and Mickey realize what benefits come with having bigger boobs