S4 E6 Hubble Trouble

Hubble, a crested gecko, comes rushing into the clinic after being attacked by the family dog.... More

Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER Episodes (9)

S4 E10 Frenemy Freak Outs!
It's a dog eat dog world, and exotics are no exception. A dog attacks a hedgehog, sugar gliders fight to the death and a ball python’s food bites back.
S4 E9 Jelly Bellies
Like humans, overeating is hazardous to animals' health. A pot-bellied pig's fat obstructs her spay and a parakeet is so plump it's affecting his heart.
S4 E8 Prairie Dog Companion
Chocolate, the ferret, comes in to see Dr. T because he has been losing some hair on his tail and his owner has noticed a lump around his chest area. Twinkles the bunny comes in as she has not been eating and losing weight rapidly.
S4 E7 Pain in the Beak
Elle, a young marmoset is rushed in after being seen by another vet. She arrives with swelling of the eyes, breasts, and mouth and has stopped eating.