Mulder and Scully pay a visit to Judy to gather clues.... More

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Little Judy Gets A Surprising Visit
Mulder and Scully pay a visit to Judy to gather clues.
Scully & Mulder: Out Of This World
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a look at moments from Scully & Mulder's relationship.
ALERT: What Do You Want To Believe?
ALERT. ALERT. THE X-FILES returns with an all-new episode 2.28.18. ALERT. ALERT.
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Preview: They Know Everything
Catch an all new episode of THE X-FILES on WED, FEB 28th on FOX!

The X-Files Episodes (214)

S9 E8 Hellbound
Reyes and Doggett investigate a string of murders in which the victims were skinned alive.
S9 E9 Provenance
When a religious cult operating in Canada unearths a spacecraft similar to the one Scully discovered in Africa, a plot is set in motion to kill her baby.
S9 E10 Providence
Scully take matters into her own hands to rescue her son from a psychotic UFO cult.
S9 E11 Audrey Pauley
Doggett and Scully search for a way to bring Reyes out of a coma before she dies.