Winston Suggests That The Gang Not Participate In Christmas

Jess freaks out at the idea of not celebrating Christmas.... More

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Jess freaks out at the idea of not celebrating Christmas.
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New Girl Episodes (5)

S6 E18 Young Adult
When Jess worries that she may not be a cool enough principal, she recruits Nick and The Pepperwood Chronicles to help make her popular with the students
S6 E19 Socalyalcon VI
After Reagan's return from a work trip, Jess realizes that she has been spending too much time taking the role of Nick's "girlfriend"
S6 E20 Misery
Jess avoids her feelings for Nick by taking care of her dad in Portland.
S6 E21 San Diego
Jess continues to stay with her father in Portland, Ore., where they unexpectedly help each other with their love lives.